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 Subject : Member Innovations - In Person Interview Requirements.. 04/22/2020 01:22:39 PM 
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LANJDE is pleased to share one member’s innovative solution for addressing the in-person interview requirements as prescribed by their Tenant Selection Plan.

After all the paperwork has been received (scanned, mailed, or delivered by other means) and finally reviewed, it will be time to bring your applicant in for an interview. To reduce the risks associated with COVID-19 (an airborne infectious disease), this member’s community has set up a temporary area using plexiglass table top dividers (by Versare), crystal clear vinyl sheeting (Frost King), and clear packing tape; all of which are shown in the attached photo. With two separate entrances—one for the applicant and one for frontline staff (all of whom are required to adhere to social distancing rules in effect and wear masks onsite), the installation was designed to create a physical barrier with a pass-through flap for handling documents. This enables in-person interviews to be conducted in a safer alternative environment with added protections against transmission and community spread. The project will begin interviews with this new set up on May 11, 2020.

As you know, the in-person meeting is crucial for the proper identification and verification of residents eligible for HUD subsidy assistance with original supporting documents. This temporary set up or installation can also serve other purposes (e.g., when you need to obtain a “wet” signature, receive mail or other deliverables, or as lawfully permitted, greet guests). You may wish to consider or incorporate these precautionary measures into your housing community’s infection control and emergency response plans.

We wish you all safety and wellness.

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